Anti-aliasing for Java Look and Feels

1.1 Released


Version 1.1 of SmoothMetal has just been released. What's new?

  • Compilable with JDK 1.4.2.
  • Tested with JDK6 beta.
  • Smooth borders of internal frames, internal dialogs and color palettes with SmoothMetal.
  • Update demo app to demonstrate the new smoothings.
  • Show demo app with a JDK default border rather than the native platform border to demonstrate smooth frames better.
  • In demo app toggling anti-alias and font metrics rebuilds the UI from the top-level pane down, not just refreshing it. Smoothed fonts often have somewhat different metrics than unsmoothed, and the layout is imperfect otherwise.

This is the first release from me, as I am usually stuck on Windows when in a coporate environment, or when writing WebStart applications which run on Windows. (Notice a theme here?)

I made the error of dropping James Shiell a line so he added me to the SourceForge project as an admin. Serves me right.

1.0 Released


Version 1.0 of SmoothMetal has just been released. What's new?

  • Bugfix for JSpinners (990889).
  • Bugfix for SmoothWindows LnF name (1186537).

This will be the last release from me, as I've jumped ship to MacOS X and am unable to do a whole lot with it anymore. If you'd like to take over, drop me a line.

0.4 Released


Version 0.4 of SmoothMetal has just been released. What's new?

  • New demo app, based on the layout of the Alloy LnF app.
  • SmoothTitledBorder added for anti-aliased titled borders.
  • Bugfix for Windows LnF icons (905623).
  • Bugfix for Windows LnF under Java 1.5.0 Beta 1.
  • Now requires J2SDK 1.5.0B1 to build thanks to the above (but still runs fine under 1.4.2_03 and likely earlier).

Have a look at the screenshots page to see it in action.

New Website


I've finally gotten around to adding a home page for the SmoothMetal project. Enjoy!